Hi There!, need some graphic design?

We are a small team of graphic designer based in Bali, Indonesia who believes that a design should not only look aesthetically beautiful, but also can deliver the correct information to the target audience. Therefore, it makes us pay attention to understand the business you offer in the target market. With our experience and specialization each of us, we are ready to complement the diverse needs of your graphic and web design with a qualified result and affordable price.

Who We Are

Based on our hobbies and loves at design, we work on every project with passion and precision. More than three years of experience make us become a solid team and open to various possibilities. We are ready to do all your design projects, ranging from small companies up to the advertising for big companies

Our Services

We providing graphic design services such as:
  • Logo Design
  • Illustration
  • Print Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Web Design
Please check our services page for more detailed info.

Why Us

By choosing crazyslug as your graphic design partner, you will get advantages such as:
  • A highly talented and expert team of graphic designers.
  • On every project, a team of experienced designers will work with you so the result will be looks exactly the way you want.


sometimes we just love to design some things and share it with others, so check out our blog for some freebies!

Sample Works